Our Services Include:

  • Receiving Material - First Stage
  • Blending - Second Stage
  • Row Construction
  • Turning
  • Picking up Rows and Screening
  • Curing
  • Harvesting Your Bounty - Final Stage
  • Sales and Distribution


It Starts with the Soil.
Organic fertilizer enhances the soil and promotes healthy growth of naturally occurring micro-organisms, as nature intended. Nature provides us with an ingenious ecosystem, and we want to work with you to promote it!

Topdressing with Compost is a great way to amend your soil to help enhance natural growing conditions.  With so many lawns struggling to survive on clay soils, our compost application adds a great amount of organic material.

How are These Products Superior to Traditional (common) Fertilizers?
Cheaper, man-made fertilizer, (especially those found at a box store), are generally fast-release, meaning more risk of burning your grass, and very short-lived results.  So just apply the cheap stuff more often, right?  DO NOT DO THAT.  Your lawn and soil can only process certain amounts of various nutrients, depending on soil type, grass type, and environmental conditions.  If applied too often, your soil will "load up" with high levels of otherwise helpful nutrients, and actually, make your lawn LESS healthy.  So that great $9 fertilizer deal doesn't seem so great anymore.  A "feast and famine" approach to fertilizing is actually more damaging than helpful to your turf.  Cheap traditional fertilizers also tend to feed the lawn right near the surface of the soil, which does little to develop a deep root system.

Our products are slow release and contain modest amounts of micronutrients. PLUS ORGANIC MATTER! (something you will not find in a lesser product). In this case, slow and steady wins the race.  Generally, results are easily visible within 2 weeks (not far behind a professional traditional fertilizer). And will remain so long after a cheap quick release fertilizer is used up. So once we get that first round started, we KEEP it green throughout the growing season. Our program provides your lawn with APPROPRIATE levels of nutrients throughout its growing season.  All-Natural fertilizer is going to build healthy soil that will require much less maintenance. It will encourage deeper root growth, using less water and creating a more durable lawn!