Welcome to Homestead Organics NY

At Homestead Organics NY, our commitment is to master the art of compost. You supply the idea for your space and leave the rest to us.


To most people, it might seem that sustainable gardening, organic gardening, and permaculture are all basically the same thing. But their differences are very clear to those who follow the practices.
It’s the goals — the principles — of each that make the difference. Each practice has it unique and positive overall effect. Consider the distinct contrasts each has with traditional, fertilizer-reliant, pesticide-dependent gardening and commercial farming. As all organic, sustainable gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts know, one must sometimes make compromises. It's a matter of knowing which compromises you would make and which you would not.

About Us

Homestead Organics NY is a division of Van Alstine's Horticultural Services (VHS) is the latest addition to the parent organization which was established in 1960. VHS originally was composed of four companies: a nursery, landscape and arboricultural service and consulting practice. 

VHS had always made and used compost in all of their operations. The surplus was sold and distributed to local dairy farmers and organic growers for land spreading, landscapers, homeowners, local stores, schools, golf courses, municipalities and local contractors. The farmers bought bulk and truckloads. Homestead Organics products are sold by the cubic yard and by grade (fine, medium, coarse and extra coarse) and can be either picked up or delivered.

By 1994, the composting industry was beginning to expand. In 1997 VHS opened the new separate company, Homestead Organics. The company grew dramatically and gained in popularity. Not only are we being recognized for our compost but we have been requested by many groups to share with them about the benefits of composting (garden clubs, service organizations, schools, etc). We also host workshops conducted by Cornell Waste Management Institute  (CMWI) and Cobleskill College.

Homestead Organics operates on 6 acres of well-drained farmland and is easily accessible. The entire farm consists of approximately 900 acres of prime farmland owned by the Terlecky Brothers and their sister Diana. Their main crops are high-grade hay, corn, rye, soybeans, and oats which are sold to the local granaries, race tracks, and breeders of fine race horses.